Combination Machines

The complete solution for a large area where dust and grime is the problem.

The complete solution for a large area where dust and grime is the problem. For large warehouses and spaces we offer LPG run machines which have large solution tanks, hold a substantial amount of debris and heave wide sweeping brushes. Alternatively for a smaller area we also have battery powered compact combination devices.

We are an independent specialist company and deal with a wide range of worldwide manufacturers. This ensures that we find the correct machine or solution for your company. Our satisfied customers include warehousing, distribution and logistics companies, food & OEM manufacturers, hospitals and shopping centres to name but a few.

NCM are authorised dealers for Nilfisk, Viper, Fimap and a certified workshop service provider for Fimap. As a former Tennant Platinum dealer we have extensive knowledge of most major American and European floor cleaning machine brands.

We supply and stock brushes, squeegee blades, cleaning chemicals and detergents together with a vast array of spare parts for most major brands including Challenger, Comac, Factory Cat, Fimap, Gansow, Hako, Isal, Johnson Diversey, Karcher, Lincoln, Nilfisk, RCM, Taski, Tennant, Walter Broadley – Challenger and Honda/Kubota powered equipment.

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