Hire / Rental

Why buy when you can hire or rent?

Hire without the Hassle – Available from 1 day to 5 years+

There are many benefits when hiring your cleaning equipment. Cleaning Machines Hire or Rental means a low initial spend improving cash flow. No hidden repair or replacement expenses. Allowing for simple, fixed budgeting and improved accuracy with your cost projections.

Cleaning Machines Hire or Rental allows you to release capital. Instead of tying up a large portion of your capital budget, you can release valuable funds for other, more profitable uses. If you are not listing the cost of your cleaning machines as assets, your balance sheet will feature fewer depreciating assets.

Further benefits include a wider range of products to choose from and professional advice ensuring that you get the correct specification cleaning machines. Our experienced staff will recommend the right product for your job and you can release key staff from arranging the purchase of expensive cleaning units.

Rental equipment can be replaced at the start of each hire term. By hiring, you will ensure that you regularly update your fleet of cleaning machines without additional expense.

Equipment hire from Nationwide Cleaning Machines includes a maintenance contract and all breakdown and services are included. Not only do you benefit from the latest cleaning machines, but you are also guaranteeing their performance throughout the duration of the contract.

If you are interested in machine hire please email info@nationwidecleaningmachines.co.uk or call us on
0845 0945145 to speak to our knowledgeable staff.

Looking to hire, rent or buy Scrubber Driers and Sweepers?

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Or email us on: info@nationwidecleaningmachines.co.uk